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Sums up the evening quite well.

Sums up the evening quite well. Courtesy of The Daily What.

Mallory and I had a grand old time watching the 2009 VMA’s last night.  We tried to avoid it LIVE but we were sucked in by Kanye’s and Gaga’s ridiculousness. Plus Mad Men and Bridezillas wasn’t doing it for us. So we watched despite our initial protests, we watched despite the fact that we felt super old the entire time and yearned for the past where actual (and good!) music videos played on MTV. Gosh, we even watched most of the encore.

Here are some excerpts of our evening. Warning: Looong, but funny!

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Nome, Alaska may not be an alien hub but it sure looks interesting nonetheless.

Nome, Alaska may not be an alien hub but it sure looks interesting nonetheless.

Photo by ra64 on Flickr.

Mallory and I were quite surprised with all the reaction we got from our “Milla Jovovich is a liar” post on the movie The Fourth Kind. So much so we decided to do an update.

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The Blind Side trailer makes the movie look like your typical rich-people-save-poor-kid-ala-The-OC story with Sandra Bullock as blonde haired Texas momma who takes in a poor black boy. When Marcy and I saw the trailer, we yawned. It looked more suited for Lifetime or an after-school special than the big screen in November and the title didn’t make any sense.

Yesterday, Gawker posted a stunning revelation: the movie is based on the football book of the same name by Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball. That’s where the title comes from – football!

Here’s a description of the book from Amazon:

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game
From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. As he did so memorably for baseball in Moneyball, Lewis takes a statistical X-ray of the hidden substructure of football, outlining the invisible doings of unsung players that determine the outcome more than the showy exploits of point scorers. In his sketch of the gridiron arms race, first came the modern, meticulously choreographed passing offense, then the ferocious defensive pass rusher whose bone-crunching quarterback sacks demolished the best-laid passing game, and finally the rise of the left tackle—the offensive lineman tasked with protecting the quarterback from the pass rusher—whose presence is felt only through the game-deciding absence of said sacks.

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Is Milla Jovovich portraying a dead zombie?

Is Milla Jovovich portraying a dead zombie?

UPDATE: Please see our latest post on this movie.

Last night when Mallory and I went to see District 9 we were treated to about a half hour of trailers. One of them was for a movie called The Fourth Kind, which neither of us had ever heard of before.

Let me first admit, it scared the crap out of me. Mostly because Milla Jovovich walked out of, like, some wooded area at the beginning of the trailer to tell us that she was portraying a real life person, Dr. Abigail Tyler, and that the movie is supported by real archival footage. The movie is about Milla aka Dr. Tyler treating all these patients in Nome, Alaska who keep having the same visions of a scary owl. Apparently all these people were abducted. Not sure if it was by the owl.

Anyhow, of course, on the way home on the subway, Mallory and I set forth to investigate how real this movie was. Well, mostly it was Mallory and her blackberry.What we found shocked us. Because we found nothing.

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Ron Livingston could be Henry.

Ron Livingston could be Henry.

Via slashfilm, The Time Traveler’s Wife is set to become a television show.

It will be executive produced and written by Marta Kaufman aka co-creator of Friends and Veronica’s Closet.

Is Marta Kaufman changing gears into drama or is The Time Traveler’s Wife about to be turned into a light hearted sitcom?

Of course, Mallory and I had a discussion on this and it was quite insightful, might I say so myself.

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From Playboy.com

Out of morbid curiosity and a love to mock the infamous couple from The Hills, I read Spencer Pratt’s interview with wife Heidi in Playboy from here.

I barely survived. Like them, it’s terrible. Worse than terrible. Grab the barf bag.

For those who can’t sneak a peak at work because of the obviously NSFW URL, here are the best bits. Sorry, no pictures – this is a family blog! But there are plenty of gross mental images via the grusome twosome’s words below.

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