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Sums up the evening quite well.

Sums up the evening quite well. Courtesy of The Daily What.

Mallory and I had a grand old time watching the 2009 VMA’s last night.  We tried to avoid it LIVE but we were sucked in by Kanye’s and Gaga’s ridiculousness. Plus Mad Men and Bridezillas wasn’t doing it for us. So we watched despite our initial protests, we watched despite the fact that we felt super old the entire time and yearned for the past where actual (and good!) music videos played on MTV. Gosh, we even watched most of the encore.

Here are some excerpts of our evening. Warning: Looong, but funny!

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DSC_0918 DSC_0956

The Avett Brothers perform in July at The National in Richmond, Va. Photos by Mallory

When the Avett Brothers get into it, you can’t help but dance, jump and sweat right along with them. The “Muppet-like intensity” (as accurately described by Vanity Fair) is what the band, from Concord, N.C., are known and loved for.

The kinda-folky, kinda-country, kinda-everything group signed with Columbia, worked with renowned producer Rick Rubin and their first effort on the label, I and Love and You, is due out Sept. 29. The single of the same name is currently out:

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Mike Gossin, Cheyenne Kimball, Rachel Reinert & Tom Gossin of Gloriana

About a week ago I came across a country pop band, Gloriana. The band is made up of brothers Tom & Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert & Cheyenne Kimball (who was the winner of America’s Most Talented Kid at age 12 and had a brief MTV reality show).

I had been hearing some buzz about them online and decided to give them a try. I am ordinarily not a country fan at all, but Gloriana has a very appealing and welcoming look/vibe that helps them get noticed right away.

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