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Update: Milla Jovovich is a liar

Posted on: August 26, 2009

Nome, Alaska may not be an alien hub but it sure looks interesting nonetheless.

Nome, Alaska may not be an alien hub but it sure looks interesting nonetheless.

Photo by ra64 on Flickr.

Mallory and I were quite surprised with all the reaction we got from our “Milla Jovovich is a liar” post on the movie The Fourth Kind. So much so we decided to do an update.

First off, we’d like to clear some things up (if you didn’t already get them from the first post):

  • Yes, we did do our research (and not just on a blackberry)
  • No, we did not mean any ill-will or malice toward Milla Jovovich by calling her a liar.

Secondly, here are some great links to help the confusion over the questions, “Does Nome, Alaska have alien abductions?” and “Is there really a Dr. Tyler?”

The Fourth Kind Hype: Will You Believe It?

‘Fact based’ film purports to prove alien abductions in Nome

Some interesting answers at Yahoo! to these questions

Chapman University’s Connection to “The Fourth Kind”

Thanks to shopper, who left us these links in his/her comment- these have information on some of the murders/disappearances in Nome.  But no abductions.

Unsolved cases in Nome attract FBI

Local Catholic Diocese & Schools Respond to Stapleton Murders

BTW, Adrian, who left us a comment, made a great point- maybe Dr. Tyler does exist but they changed her name for her protection (hence why her picture is blurred in the trailer). However, judging from the information we’ve seen on the matter, I still think it’s all a marketing ploy.

Finally- let us know your own personal opinion on the matter.

Previously: Milla Jovovich is a liar


7 Responses to "Update: Milla Jovovich is a liar"

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I saw a preview screening of the movie tonight. Her face isn’t blocked out in the movie, just the trailer.

Nice photo of Nome from the air…I took it!
Sure doesn’t look like the scene shown in the movie : )

so why did you delete my comment, kind of sad you use my photo without credit too.
my photos on flickr are all copyright, so hey, play right!

Sorry about that! I credited you as the source of the photo. Didn’t realize that was missing (I’m not the original author of this post) and we apologize.

We didn’t delete your comment; we have to approve comments through WordPress before they appear.

Hi there, thanks for the picture!
I did the original entry and did credit you- if you hover and/or click on the picture it takes you to your flickr 🙂
Sorry I realize it might have looked like I didn’t give you credit.
And thanks again 🙂

Thank you!

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