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Wait, “The Blind Side” is about FOOTBALL?

Posted on: August 24, 2009

The Blind Side trailer makes the movie look like your typical rich-people-save-poor-kid-ala-The-OC story with Sandra Bullock as blonde haired Texas momma who takes in a poor black boy. When Marcy and I saw the trailer, we yawned. It looked more suited for Lifetime or an after-school special than the big screen in November and the title didn’t make any sense.

Yesterday, Gawker posted a stunning revelation: the movie is based on the football book of the same name by Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball. That’s where the title comes from – football!

Here’s a description of the book from Amazon:

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game
From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. As he did so memorably for baseball in Moneyball, Lewis takes a statistical X-ray of the hidden substructure of football, outlining the invisible doings of unsung players that determine the outcome more than the showy exploits of point scorers. In his sketch of the gridiron arms race, first came the modern, meticulously choreographed passing offense, then the ferocious defensive pass rusher whose bone-crunching quarterback sacks demolished the best-laid passing game, and finally the rise of the left tackle—the offensive lineman tasked with protecting the quarterback from the pass rusher—whose presence is felt only through the game-deciding absence of said sacks.

Is Sandy going to sack the quarterback? Where’s the Texas mom in this? Oh wait, we still have more description to go…

A rare creature combining 300 pounds of bulk with “the body control of a ballerina,” the anonymous left tackle, Lewis notes, is now often a team’s highest-paid player. Lewis fleshes this out with the colorful saga of left tackle prodigy Michael Oher. An intermittently homeless Memphis ghetto kid taken in by a rich white family and a Christian high school, Oher’s preternatural size and agility soon has every college coach in the country courting him obsequiously. Combining a tour de force of sports analysis with a piquant ethnography of the South’s pigskin mania, Lewis probes the fascinating question of whether football is a matter of brute force or subtle intellect. Photos. (Oct.)

Ah, there it is. Except…Memphis? More Hollywood liberties, I assume. Because Michael Oher (aka “Big Mike”) definitely went through all of this in Memphis.

Besides, my main beef with the trailer is football isn’t mentioned until about two minutes in. TWO MINUTES! And they use “How to Save a Life” by the Fray, just in case you didn’t get the point, which is Sandra Bullock is going to save this kid’s life and it’s going to warm your cold, cold heart. Not football. What football? Left tackle? Who’s that?

That said, I can’t wait to watch this on Lifetime.

The Ballad of Big Mike [NY Times]
Sandra Bullock Adaptation Of Michael Lewis’ Blind Side Looks Heartwarmingly Awful [Gawker]
The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game [Amazon]


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