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Build-A-Lot 4: Power Source adds energy to the series

Posted on: August 22, 2009


Balance houses and wind energy in Build-A-Lot 4

Literally. Power sources are the newest feature in the fourth Build-A-Lot game and it’s a new challenge to get used to. You can’t build too many houses at once or else there’s a blackout – you need more power!

The point-and-click, real estate-strategy concept of Build-A-Lot has stayed pretty much the same in every incarnation: You build houses and improve a neighborhood to meet certain goals. Houses have residents that pay rent and help up your income. Certain houses cost more money and materials, but also bring in more money. Painting houses increases the “appeal” of the neighborhood, while upgrades increase the value (and rent!). Recreational items, like tennis courts and parks, and stores increase the appeal of a neighborhood.

Now, you can also add Energy Savers to the houses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t increase the income of the house, but it does decrease the amount of power it uses. Power sources, like a wind farm, decrease the appeal of the neighborhood, so it takes a lot of planning to make sure you can counteract that with a tennis court or surround it with a bunch of pretty painted houses. The new, energy-conscious additions remind me a lot of NatGeo’s Plan It Green, which was basically an ultra Go-Green game following the Built-A-Lot formula.

Build-A-Lot always made real estate fun. Now, it’s making energy fun.

Buy the game or play the 60-minute free trial [Big Fish Games]


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