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Milla Jovovich is a liar

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Is Milla Jovovich portraying a dead zombie?

Is Milla Jovovich portraying a dead zombie?

UPDATE: Please see our latest post on this movie.

Last night when Mallory and I went to see District 9 we were treated to about a half hour of trailers. One of them was for a movie called The Fourth Kind, which neither of us had ever heard of before.

Let me first admit, it scared the crap out of me. Mostly because Milla Jovovich walked out of, like, some wooded area at the beginning of the trailer to tell us that she was portraying a real life person, Dr. Abigail Tyler, and that the movie is supported by real archival footage. The movie is about Milla aka Dr. Tyler treating all these patients in Nome, Alaska who keep having the same visions of a scary owl. Apparently all these people were abducted. Not sure if it was by the owl.

Anyhow, of course, on the way home on the subway, Mallory and I set forth to investigate how real this movie was. Well, mostly it was Mallory and her blackberry.What we found shocked us. Because we found nothing.

Basically, Mallory & her blackberry came up with nothing except that the term, the fourth kind, does exist. It’s part of a scale measurement established in 1972 to gauge alien encounters.

Milla Jovovich trying to trick us

Milla Jovovich trying to trick us.

When I did my own research on the movie and realized that Milla Jovovich was lying, I was appalled. How dare she scare me like that? Apparently Nome, Alaska does exist but its residents are already like “WTF, these events have not occurred here” and of course, mysteriously, there is no record of a Dr. Abigail Tyler and alien abductions there AT ALL. So basically I was scammed by Milla and marketing.

When I informed Mallory, she was equally shocked.

me: oh btw nome alaska movie is a big ass FAKER, which u pretty much figured out yesterday

Mallory: hahahah really no info

why are they tarnishing a town’s name then?

me: yeah and app nome alaska residents are like wtf this hasnt happened here

Mallory: i smell another blog post

we must expose them

me: hahahaha

yeah i think we should

actually we should “review” all the latest trailers like surrogates- bruce willis, wax figure

zombieland- weird

the final destination- WHY

i think the nome alaska deserves its own post tho b/c how dare it scare me and be FAKE

if ure going to scare me at least exist

Mallory: yes! exactly!

i had a sneaking suspicion last night on the train that it might be fake but dude

me: we should’ve known it was fake as soon as milla jovovich came out and started with “i am actress…”

Mallory: i just figured it would have some kind of journal article or something behind it


that’s not a true statement either


I realize this kind of marketing worked well for The Blair Witch Project, but that involved complete unknowns that people believed were lost in those woods. Also, they actually did a good job creating false information. If you googled it you turned up stuff, not zero information like The Fourth Kind.

You can check out the creepy trailer here. Just remember, Milla Jovovich is lying.


6 Responses to "Milla Jovovich is a liar"

I don’t think so. Did you actually do research? I’m sure that archived video footage would be hard to find just through google. I actually found your site as I was doing a little research myself, trying to find out how real this is.

I initially didn’t find much, but I actually found some other commenters who referenced actual documentation of abductions in Nome and in Alaska.


and it seems to be based off of events that happen in Alaska, not just Nome around 2000. http://www.thedeadbolt.com/news/106111/the_fourth_kind_trailer_news.php

p.s. I love Milla! don’t call her a liar =/

Hi there!

Yes I actually looked online for an extensive period, as did Mallory, and we didn’t find anything.

Thanks for the links, those are interesting but they are about a potential serial killer and murders/disappearances not about alien abductions.

And I didn’t call Milla a liar out of malice, it’s not that serious.

Just want to ask everyone if they gave any thought as to why, “Dr. Abigail Tyler” if that is her real name, her face is censored?

Maybe she changed her name because obviosly she doesnt want anyone to know who she is. So don’t you think they might have changed her name to protect her identity? Therefore, leaving a trail of no info to any documentation of such a doctor.


Except, of course, NBC has set up a shoddily-made fake website with supposed ‘records’ of Tyler’s work.


The first of the linked articles immediately goes into details about extra-terrestrials. They didn’t even bother being creative when making up the name of the new patient, they just named him Tyler also.

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