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The Time Traveler’s Wife to become a TV series

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Ron Livingston could be Henry.

Ron Livingston could be Henry.

Via slashfilm, The Time Traveler’s Wife is set to become a television show.

It will be executive produced and written by Marta Kaufman aka co-creator of Friends and Veronica’s Closet.

Is Marta Kaufman changing gears into drama or is The Time Traveler’s Wife about to be turned into a light hearted sitcom?

Of course, Mallory and I had a discussion on this and it was quite insightful, might I say so myself.

Mallory: you should totally write one [blog entry] about the TTW series

me: yeah i just might- first off the person behind friends and veronica’s closet??

Mallory: omg they’re going to make it a comedy! WHHHYY?!?!

me: maybe theyll get ron livingston

Mallory: as henry

me: omg

Mallory: the bumbling librarian who time travels into weird situations

me: omg and sarah paulson as clare

Mallory: because she is like a fine whine

me: lol

Mallory: in complete sitcom fashion, she is all “HENRY! where have you BEEN?”

this shit writes itself

Will Mallory and I be right come time for TTW to debut as a TV show? Will it star Ron Livingston and Sarah Paulson in a quirky sitcom? Or will we be completely wrong and it won’t actually SUCK?

I have a feeling it may even go down the route of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith pilot. I recall everyone being over the moon excited about it being made and come fall, it was not even picked up.  And, afterall, time traveling shows have not been too successful so far (Journeyman, Life on Mars US, Daybreak).

Only time will tell.  Though you can bet we’ll be updating and having more insightful conversations about it.


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