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Burger Shop 2 is more of the same, but with more food

Posted on: August 18, 2009


Eggs, donuts and milk, oh my! It's Burger Shop 2.

I completely devoted myself to finishing the first Burger Shop, a time management game with all the right balance of upgrades, challenges, and risk for carpal tunnel. And now comes the inevitable sequel.

In Burger Shop 2, all your success in the first game is mysteriously wiped away, except the BurgerTron 2000 machine, which you buy back from a mysterious person. The game takes you on a path to rebuild your fallen restaurants, find out what went wrong and serve food to impatient customers quicky.

The fast-paced gameplay remains the same: left click to put together and prepare food items, right click to serve. The food items, though, have a lot more variety this time, mixing it up with breakfast, burgers and steak randomly in levels in way that reminds me of Stand O’Food. You’ll grill steak and chicken, serve up tomato and chicken soup, give menus to forgetful patrons and wake up to bacon and eggs. The best part of the game, like with most food service-themed time management titles, is seeing which new food dishes will appear on the menu next.

Like in the first game, locations change as you move up in the levels, but the scenery changes a little more, which is pretty cool. If you were addicted to the first Burger Shop, you’ll love Burger Shop 2 just as much.

Buy the game or download a free 60-minute trial [Big Fish Games]


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